Nov. 10, 2020

Seriously funny sex with Nikky Kaye

Seriously funny sex with Nikky Kaye

LOL sex.

Nikky Kaye began writing romance in college — she had an agent and several manuscripts out for submission. But her voice was too “quirky” for the market. Grad school, then life, took her focus. But it was working on a niche non-fiction book that inspired her to write romance again. 


We cover a lot of ground: from parading her Barbie’s around in regency outfits to discovering Harlequin during a high school job at her local library. And we get super personal about our funny first times. Plus we answer the question: is it okay to laugh out loud during the sex scenes? 


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Her most recent book, A Lucky Shot, a so-steamy-it melts-ice stand-alone hockey novella, is available on Kindle Unlimited.