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Unique and interesting writing podcoast

As a romance author myself, I find Elle’s conversations with other writers in the genre, focusing on the steamy bits, to be a really refreshing change from the other writing podcasts I’ve listened to! Having this focus allows for the conversations to get really in-depth while still being a lot of fun. And Elle’s voice is just perfect for narrating the actual “steam scenes.” Definitely recommend that authors writing romance at any heat heat level—I think you’ll learn a lot!

Fun twist on romance novel podcasts

Romance readers will love this clever podcast. Elle talks to authors about what inspires them to write their steamiest scenes, and the conversations are funny, frank and often downright hot. Elle’s a fantastic, relaxed host, and I love the mix of authors she brings on.

Smart, Hot, and Funny.

Steam Scene delivers exactly the kind of content I want in a podcast. Elle is a brilliant host, the discussions are timely and thought-provoking, the steamy scene snippets a sexy tease that makes me want to read more from the author guests, and best of all, this is a show that doesn't take itself too seriously, with lots of room for laughs.

A great new podcast!

I enjoyed chatting with Elle about my books and steamy scenes. What a fun way to meet new-to-me authors and get a sneak peek at the steamy bits! If you love romance books, check this one out!

Clever, witty, and so much fun!

Elle Greco has created one of the most unique and engaging podcasts I’ve ever listened to—she interviews fellow romance authors all about craft, process, and of course, those steamy scenes we all love. Guests have been wide and diverse, from indie authors to bestsellers, with a variety of styles and subgenres within romance. Informative, hilarious, sexy, and entertaining!


Love this podcast. Introduced me to new authors

Love This Podcast

This is a great Podcast. Tons of fun and always great topics.

Spicy and Fun

Elle is great host and the conversations are fun with steamy excerpt reads. It's a good listen and way to find new books to check out.

Awesome podcast

I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. Elle Greco was informative and a pleasure to listen to.

Lovely time with a lovely host!

Professional without being stiff! She’s humorous and clever and I like when she reads the naughty bits!

Love this podcast! So much fun!

Love listening. It’s like listening in on the best kind of book club PLUS you get to hear from authors, and hear what they like, what they struggle with….and every segment always includes a bit about the steam…and it’s so funny. I’ve laughed every time I’ve listened. Love this show. Elle Greco rocks!