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The Pleasure Principle with Evie Alexander

June 22, 2022

Would you consider having a male crime writer Beta read your steamy romance book? That’s exactly what Evie Alexander does! In this Steam Scenes episode, Evie shares the madness to her writing method, how her career as a film…

Flogging with Mia Michele

June 8, 2022

Buckle up friends, this is one a wild ride! The brilliant Mia Michele is this week’s guest and this one is a doozy! Our totally 80s conversation spans soap opera tropes and Greek shipping tycoons and we both fangirl over Sid…

RomanticConn-ing with Kitty Berry

May 25, 2022

Contemporary romance author Kitty Berry manages to release three to four books a year even with a full time job, a family, and running RomanticConn, Connecticut’s premiere romance author signing event. Hear how 50 Shades tur…

Vocalizing pleasure with Julie Hamilton

May 11, 2022

Julie Hamilton is on the Steam Seat this week! From plotting and pantsing, to fake dates and fake kissing, to the importance of reading women vocalize what gives them pleasure, Julie and I dig deep to mine the elements that …

Writing love songs with Katy Oberle

April 27, 2022

I know just enough about music to be dangerous (and write rock star romances!). So I am super excited to branch out on the podcast with singer-songwriter Katy Oberle. Katy also worked as a couples therapist before transition…

Reading filthy books with Sarah Burnard

April 13, 2022

Amish porn led Sarah Burnard to romancelandia and she hasn’t looked back. But, Amish porn aside, she struggled with writing the naughty bits. To get comfortable, she wrote a “dirty, sexy, filthy” book, which got her into Pit…