Dec. 30, 2022

It's a Steam Scenes solocast! Here’s to a steam filled 2023

It's a Steam Scenes solocast! Here’s to a steam filled 2023
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Happy New Year and good riddance 2022! This is a special Steam Scenes solocast where I get very, very real about 2022, share my word for 2023, and read a naughty bit from Free Falling, the fifth book in my LA Rock Star Romance series.


I wasn’t planning on being so honest for this New Year episode, but I spent much of the holiday week in contemplation (also called, running through my financials in preparation for tax season).  And I realized that we never talk about the hard shit. I probably look like I’m out there killing it to so many people, but the reality is pretty different. And I wanted to talk about that because you know what? It’s okay if your year wasn’t what you wanted it to be. Mine definitely wasn’t. 


You can grab Free Falling over at Amazon (it’s in KU!). And if you would rate and review Steam Scenes on your favorite podcast app, I’d love you forever. It helps with this podcast’s visibility (and also gives my ego a little boost). 


Cheers to an epic 2023. I think we all deserve it!